Stop Adobe Creative Cloud Price Increase

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Adobe is increasing the prices for their Creative Cloud subscription, yet every recent update to Lightroom and Photoshop have had major issues. These issues cause small business owners (namely photographers and retouchers) to lose valuable work time which costs them/us money. 

Adobe makes industry-leading products and we have no problem paying a reasonable price for them. We do, however, have a problem paying for updates that break our workflow until either:

A: We wait for them to fix the massive issues they cause with every update/release

B: Uninstall the bad version and roll back to a functional one

Adobe needs to stop this madness!

They need to understand that some of their customers earn their living by the products Adobe produces, and that every time they foul up the software by releasing their reliably bad updates, it costs us time, money, and reputation with our clients.

@Adobe, we, your long-time and loyal customers will agree to pay a reasonable price increase, but only when you stop releasing updates that ruin our workflow, steal our time, and reduce our ability to earn a living.