Shantanu Narayen to step down as CEO

No clear cut vision of the future! Has Adobe/CEO ever thought of the the accessible solutions that are provided using flash? Has Adobe/CEO ever thought of the market share they are owning? I have been with flash while it was owned by Macromedia and then later acquired by Adobe. Then I moved to Flex platform which is more robust in every sense of programming world. HTML 5 is not going to be a killer in any near future, because there is a dreath of developers & it not being standard. But Adobe is not like that - it has presence in image (photoshop), web (flash - read infinite number of online games!), web applications (flex), video (flv), 3D (creative suite).. and the list is endless. Why Adobe/CEO has taken such a drastic step or comment where the whole world is against it? Go with the flow otherwise Adobe will become something that the next generation will hear through books and et al. Is CEO, Shantanu afraid of HTML5 () or Apple (I have come across numerous occassion where people say f-words, because they are not able to view a video posted on youtube or facebook etc, through iphone!)?
A few facts:
* You do not build a web site in Flash. The only way to build a website is to use HTML pages, and then to embed Flash elements in them.
* Flash as been around for more than 12 years. It is a de facto standard for the publishing industry. (No Flash = no advanced features in banners).
* HTML5 does not officially exist (yet). Rather, it’s a specification in working draft, scheduled for publication in 2014.
* Less than half of installed browsers are HTML5 compliant, with different levels of compliance.
* The video element in HTML5 is perfect for basic video players, but Flash and Silverlight are much more suitable for advanced video feature (streaming, caption, interactive features and miscellaneous video effects).

Hari Nair, MILFORD, CT, United States
10 years ago
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