Shantanu Narayen to step down as CEO

Adobe is killing to Flash, how AOL killed to Winamp, the best player but AOL failed to adapt to changes. Now Adobe is in the same position.

I think that flash is a web without limitless. The correct alternative to the old and limited HTML, the old and limited JavaScript, and the end of fight of all Browsers for see a correct web.
What going happen whit the OOP for the web, without Flas?
What happen with the powerfull tool of video in the web (streaming, live, dynamic stream, etc)?
What happen with the powerfull webs and apps, similars to,, etc.
The good of flash was the liberty that we had for do every thing and see the same result in all browsers, pcs, tvs, etc. Also the alternative to HTML and HTML5 “the same thing but with a copy/paste of some Flash features”. I think that the new HTML5 want to be Flash.
In my opinion, i don’t like the decision. The real reaction of the people going to be, search and found new tools, for do the things that HTML5 can’t do.

when i think in another tecnologies, example C# and Delphy, Delphy or Java don't say "C# is the future and now we going to dead to Delphy" because, Delphy or Java are alternatives, and are faithful to their great community. I think that adobe have a gread community too and Adobe should think it. Flash isn't a test technology, nor a temporary technology while another technologies implements caracteristics similars to Flash. And when this happens Flash going to go the recycle bin. Flash always showed the grand thirst for innovation and do grand things without think what the W3C were thinking about the good and bad for the web.

Tufik Chediak, Bogotá, ON, Colombia
10 years ago
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