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Admit Third Party Candidates to the Presidential Debates

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The health of a democracy depends in part on the ability for each political view point to receive equal time and consideration. Our current debate structure reinforces the belief that there are only two valid choices in a given election, neither of which many Americans find satisfactory. Debates offer a way for marginalized political parties and views to find their way into the national discourse. Most such candidates face serious disadvantages in funding and, consequently, communicating their ideas to the electorate. They also often must expend much of their miniscule resources on either petitioning or suing to receive a ballot line. In short, our system already does enough to marginalize any candidate not belonging to either major party. Primary debates featuring multiple candidates invalidate the concern that including more than two candidates will complicate the debate process. In short, there is no valid reason to exclude third party candidates from the Presidential debates and doing so only offers the two major parties yet another unfair advantage over such candidates.

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