AdmiralBulldog should play Old School RuneScape

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Runescape is an ever-growing mmorpg set in a medieval fantasy world where you can fight monsters and players, train one your twenty-seven skills, or do one of the many quests available in the game at your own leisure.

The popularity of runescape is still growing since the initial release of RuneScape classic in 2001, the upgrade to RuneScape 2, the (arguable) downgrade to RuneScape 3, and the release of the Old School 2007 client we know and love today.

Recently, due to a large RuneScape update, large amounts of players have been flooding to the RuneScape directory to watch streamers attempt the 'Inferno' - A task much harder than the current fight caves.

Currently, our favorite variety streamer is limited to two games: Dota 2 and Friday 13th - a game where the streamer is constantly harassed and the threat of constant death looms upon him. If we give him a taste of a 3rd game, "RuneScape", I am quite certain that he will get hooked on it, as he is known to also play other mmos like World of Warcraft in his leisure time.

Our request is simple:

AdmiralBulldog, please play the Tutorial Island portion of Old School Runescape and try to resist the enticing allure of the taste of leveling your skills and acquiring shiny new weapons and armor.

So why should we get AdmiralBulldog to play RuneScape? Because he says he hates it, and it would be funny to watch him play and become addicted to it.


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