USD Must Uphold Their Green Image Through Holding Aromas and Campus Eateries Accountable

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It has come to my attention that USD does not actually embody its green image that it portrays and advertises. Above, I have overlaid an excerpt from USD's website that claims the University is committed to being eco friendly. USD says that it is an advocate for sustainability, yet there are some incredibly large scale problems that occur daily that prevent the University from truly being an environmentally friendly campus. 

Aromas located in the bottom of Maher Hall has separate receptacles for trash, recycling, and compost. Very few students know that at the end of each day, Aromas staffers mix all of the contents in these three bins into the same black bags to ALL be throw into the landfill. Why is Aromas even bothering to put out eco friendly receptacles if the contents of all three bins end up in the landfill. La Paloma uses all compostable utensils and plates, but there is not a single compost bin in the eatery. All compostable products end up in the landfill, and unlike biodegradable products, these utensils and plates will take years to decompose in the landfill. 

Both Aromas and La Paloma have the ability to utilize their environmentally conscious means, yet they don’t. We deserve to know why these places, as well as others on campus are failing to follow through with the motto: Be Blue Go Green. 

  USD, we are better than this. Please sign your name on this petition to signify your support in holding our campus accountable for being truly environmentally friendly.


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