Dodgeball Tournament 2016

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As the students' representatives at Masterman High School, SGA would like to submit its proposal bring back the Masterman Dodgeball Tournament. This year, we would like to host dodgeball in the Masterman Gym on Thursday, June 16th, after Spirit Week.

Dodgeball is more than just a tradition. It's an end of the year festivity that brings our Masterman family together. This is the last day when the underclassmen can see the seniors before their graduation. It’s a celebration of the end of another school year. In the end, there are truly no losers. Everyone is still cheering for the remaining team. As seen in previous years, the end of any given dodgeball tournament exemplify the sportsmanship of Masterman students. Amidst the cheering, students from other classes are brought together. Even reserved students who usually stray away from the hypeness of Spirit Week can be seen rooting for their peers. Despite the results, grades congratulating the other grades at the end exemplify our Masterman character.

Dodgeball is more than just throwing a ball at the other team. It's a highly structured game that has rules and precautionary measures. There will be waivers given out to the participants and a full run through of the guidelines of where one can aim or throw a dodgeball. New dodgeballs (foam balls) that are softer and much lighter were purchased last year to limit the speed the balls fly and its impact. There would be faculty referees such as Mr. Gilligan, Mr. O’Neill, and Mr. Saint Clair overseeing the whole operation. Their judgement will not be questioned or debated. SGA representatives will be watching over the audience and ensuring the event runs smoothly. Over the years, there has been almost no injuries, as they are rare, limited, and not dangerous.

So what is Masterman Dodgeball?

Masterman Dodgeball is a perennial tradition of the High School community, and that’s what it should continue to be—perennial. Each and every past school year, Masterman students eagerly stepped into the gymnasium in their final days of school to enjoy a competitive match of dodgeball. It provided an opportunity to retreat from what is otherwise a tense and stressful environment. During Masterman Dodgeball Tournaments, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all come together to demonstrate one of the key pillars of Masterman High School. That pillar is unity. Don’t let this treasured activity go away.

Don’t dodge the opportunity to sign this petition in an effort to keep Masterman Dodgeball as an event we will continue to look forward to for the rest of high school for years to come! Every signature counts! Let your voice be heard!

Thank you!

Organized by Robert Sim

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