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No More Uniform!

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Uniforms are pointless, administrators claim that the uniforms allow us to represent our school, however that means we would only need to wear them on field trips or on special days. If anybody walks into our school building we aren't obligated to represent our school since we are in our school building. They claim that is stops bullying, but people get bullied regardless. Forcing students to wear uncomfortable uniforms actually promotes bullying, if the school wanted to stop bullying they should enact the no tolerance rule that other schools have which is more effective than giving us a limited supply of things to wear. Along with these, uniforms are actually harmful. Some kids can't afford to buy overpriced jackets from Kid to Kid so they have to arrive at school frozen in 25 degree weather, the school complains about kids missing school because they are sick, yet they won't allow us to wear our cheaper, yet more effective, jackets. An effective solution would be to remove uniforms, but in place add a stricter dress code. Dubiski has a business casual dress code and I think we should enforce this as well. Business casual allows students to wear what will make them most comfortable in class. There have been many occasions in which the uniform distracted me from focusing in class. Whether it was because my shirt was too small so I was spending the whole class period hiding my belly so I don't get embarrassed (and bullied), or having to sag so my pants don't appear to high, which would be cause for more bullying. In conclusion, I believe the school would overall be a better place if uniform's turned into a business casual dress code.

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