FCPS middle schools need better teachers!!

FCPS middle schools need better teachers!!

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Started by fcps student

why should students have to worry about if we’re getting the right education or not, in an environment that is supposed to be welcoming and understanding. 

why should people who struggle with their current teacher have to constantly reach out in order to have some change made. 

we go to school to learn, not to gain stress from teachers who treat us unfairly. 

It isn’t fair how people who are working extremely hard have C’s and lower JUST because the teacher won’t bother to help. 

Why should we have to worry about teachers bringing us down every time we raise our hand to ask a simple question. 

Is it a teachers job to sit in the back of the class and not help? no. 

How are we supposed to be motivated to do our school work if teachers won’t even give us a chance to bring up our grade? 

It’s just working for nothing, like all of the students hard work goes down the drain just because of our teachers. 

Now this doesn’t go for every teacher, There are just a few in fcps schools- actually in the USA - who don’t seem to want to help us learn and give us the best education we could have. 

you may be wondering how we can make a change to such a huge county, if we get enough signatures we can slowly and possibly change how the county picks teachers.


24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!