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Reprimand teacher who publically humiliated 3rd grade student.

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Eight-year-old Cassandra Garcia was awarded the “Catastrophe award” for “most excuses for not having her homework” by her teacher ‘Mrs. Plowman ‘at Desert Springs Academy in Tucson, Arizona, Cassandra was embarrassed and humiliated because the teacher announced the award in front of the whole class and all the children laughed at her. Cassandra’s mother contacted the principal to complain about the award. "And was shrugged off by school officials. They said it was a joke that was played and that the teachers joke around with the children," She said. KGUN9 news reporter Valerie Cavazos headed to Cassandra's school, Desert Springs Academy, for an explanation. The principal said she wouldn't comment. Cavazos asked the principal if she thought it was okay for teachers to hand out "catastrophe" awards. She simply shrugged her shoulders and then she blew off the reporter.

"That isn't an award. It doesn't fit the criteria," said psychologist Sheri Bauman at the University Of Arizona College Of Education. She says any negative award -- joke or not is inappropriate especially at that grade level. "They feel less than, they feel fearful of authority of what might happen if they make a mistake." She said being humiliated after making mistakes is counterproductive to learning.

We demand a full apology from school administrators and we further demand that appropriate disciplinary action be taken against the teacher for this cruel, Irresponsible and psychologically damaging behavior. This is NOT a joke and we will not allow it to be treated as such.

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