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Administrative Office of the Judiciary for the state of TN: reprimand Judge John Wootten, Circuit Court Judge, for Wilson County, TN

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Where do I honestly begin...?? I have an eight year old son named Tony who suffers from bipolar, autism spectrum, ADHD, oppositional defiant, depression, and anxiety...His father and I divorced when he was five years old...We are divorced because he domestically assaulted me...There have been countless cries to the Dept. Of Children's Services to help my son and me and they have done nothing...The ex has and is continuing to physically and mentally abuse our son!! In June 2012, our son came back home from visitation with his father and alleged his father had choked him because he would not eat...I did what any reasonable person would have done to protect their child...I stopped dads visitation and filed a petition for an emergency hearing immediately...On June 29, 2012, at our emergency hearing the presiding judge, Judge John Wootten, was more concerned about me stopping visitation than what had happened to our son...he wanted expert proof that this had occurred to the attorney had to explain to the judge that we had no expert proof and was not ready on that regard..However, I did have three witnesses which the child had disclosed to...This judge refused to listen stating he would hear this case in it's entirety at a final hearing...I was forced to send my son back to the hands of his abuser!! The final hearing was set for September 14, 2012. On August 20, 2012, my ex dropped my son off at school and my son disclosed to his teacher that his dad had grabbed him up by the arms and banged him on the floor that weekend..He was complaining that one of his feet was hurting...When my mother arrived to eat school lunch with him, she learned of the disclosure and brought him home from school.. That night getting my son ready for bed, I found bruises on both of his upper arms...I took photographs and took them to my attorneys office...On September 2, 2012, the ex brought our son to the police station for drop off since school wasn't in session..before I even had the chance to leave the parking lot of the police station, I found more bruising to both of his upper arms...I immediately took him back inside the police station and demanded a report be made and photographs be taken..I texted the ex and asked how our son got the bruises..he wouldn't respond, but rather had his new girlfriend to text to say she was with them all weekend and our son was never touched..I responded back to her politely and told her she was not the responsible party here and the ex needed to answer the question..he responded that there was no bruises on our son when he dropped him off at the police station...I brought my son home and took my own photographs and then took them to my attorneys office a few days later...On September 14, 2012, which was to be the final hearing over this case, I sat in amazement listening to the exs attorney swear to he had sent my attorney interrogatories for me to complete back in July and I had never completed them..My attorney swore he never received them...But this judge didn't agree. I was forced to pay $690 dollars in attorney fees and complete the interrogatories within 10 days or my petition would be dismissed...The final hearing date was put off again until November 21, 2012.. After court on September 14, 2012, I went straight to my attorneys office, received the interrogatories and spent that weekend completing them...I returned the interrogatories to my attorney on Monday, September 17, 2012 and even had them notarized at the bank...On November 19, 2012, my son came back home from visitation with his dad and this time more bruises plus scratch marks on both of his upper arms, shoulder area, and even his back...I took photographs again, and gave them to my attorney...On November 21, 2012, which was the final hearing, let me say, was the final hearing alright..I learned the exs attorney claimed he never received the interrogatories and thus this judge had dismissed my petition...The ex and his attorney had filed a petition against me for parental alienation and they dismissed their petition today and requested attorneys fees...The exs attorney claimed his fees were 10,000 dollars...My attorney tried to argue against attorney fees being awarded without the merits of the case being heard first, citing several case law examples...The more my attorney talked the more the judge interrupted him...He finally stated he was there today to award attorney fees. He awarded that I pay my ex $5000 dollars in attorney case was never heard about my son's abuse and yes, there's also some neglect involved now I am going to appeal this decision and file a complaint against this judge for his actions with the Administrative Office of the Judiciary in Nashville, TN...Tonight was the hardest night I've had dropping my son off to this abuser at the police station...I confronted the ex and his girlfriend and screamed at them that my son had better not come back with any bruises on his arms and I would check before they left this Friday! Seven police officers came running out wanting to know what was going on and I told them...You have a corrupt judge here in Wilson county wanting me to pay my ex to abuse his son...I promised them if my son came back with any bruises on his arms on Friday that they had better take care of this and arrest this man or I will handle this myself...If he can beat our son and get away with it, I can surely beat the ex right there in the police station...This momma is upset...! Upset this judge has allowed this psycho to continue the abuse and not view any photographic evidence, counseling records, medical records, or police reports on this matter...Please sign this petition so this Judge will know he can't mess up a child's life until they are 18 and can then get away from the abuse themselves!! I need your help!!

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