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The Termination of Mr Wright as a Teacher

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I am starting a petition to terminate Mr. John Wright as a teacher. I have recently been taught by him and have barely passed his class, yet I am able to acheive 90's in all other classes. My grades were not due to my lack of understanding of enviromental science, [although it may be a factor,] this is due to the poor teaching skills of Mr. J Wright. Mr Wright is able to keep a healthy amount of favourite students in which he cares for and respects; unfortunately, I was not one of those student. I, including the rest of the "non-favourites", were unjustly singled out no matter what we have done. We were often yelled at for the same things the favourites have done. He has actually asked us to drop extra-curricular in favour of Enviromental Science. An example of his yelling is when he homework checked the person next to me, she said she could not complete it because she was in Regina in a drama competition. Mr Wright was very kind and respectful to her and politely asked if she could have it done for tommorow. I told him I had the majority of it done and I could not finish because of my band trip. He mustered a loud, annoying rant on how I should prioritize Enviro Science over Band trips and piano. He has a "reasonable" assumption that the only class I am taking is Enviromental Science and that I do not have any extra-curricular activities or that I do not have a job at Extra Foods.

 This petition is for those treated poorly and discriminated against in any of Mr. Wright's classes. I believe at about about 300 signatures will get this petition into recognition of at least Mr Sergeant, let alone the Administrative Team of SPSD. 

 I believe Mr Wright should be fired for these reasons: 

  • He belittles and singles out "non-favourites" 
  • He shows favouritism and picks and chooses students to treat with respect
  • He fails students if they do not perform exactly how he wants
  • He expects students to priortize Enviromental Science 20 above all else
  • He yells and rants when he does not get things his way
  • He is insensitive and ignores when students need help or are struggling
  • To pass his class you are required to attend extra help during lunch and complete a minimum of two hours of homework per day

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