Senior Class fundraising funds reimbursed

Senior Class fundraising funds reimbursed

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Kalyn Anderson started this petition to Administration

This note is being written to address the gross matter regarding the abrupt cancellation of the perspicacious Class of 2019’s class vacation. The dismissal of the highly anticipated event left a majority of class members feeling a sense of abandonment and betrayal from the department handling/planning the promised trip. The lack of thorough communication and understanding between parents, students, and faculty berthed an invalid sense of security between the involved parties, causing most to assume their earned (and paid for) reward was an assurance.

After hearing rumors of the impending cancellation of the class vacation, many seniors became wary of the failing reality of the event’s supposed occurrence. These rumors lead to USM Secretary - and former Class Secretary - Imani Caine to validate through whether or not our class trip was going to transpire; the text messages were sent Thursday, May 2, 2019 starting at 16:33 PM. would then inform the Class of 2019 - via Imani - that our class trip was indeed cancelled.  This explanation served to be rather disturbing for Class of 2019 owing to the fact that our personal account of students who paid listed 13 individuals who had paid in full, as well as 2 individuals who were currently equipped to pay (See Jorden Seal for detailed account).

This is significant because according to the records of the Class of 2019, it had been decided months ago that the staff should have only planned expenses based on a ​maximum​ of 20 students participating in the class trip. With a guaranteed 13 out of the expected 20 available students attending, and a more than likely 15 out of 20 actually attending the event, there is a disconnect in the logic of why the class trip was crossed out. Both parents and the Class of 2019
are demanding a written and oral explanation of the thought process behind the administration’s decisions, given the information provided above.

Nonetheless, the Class of 2019 does not seek to reschedule or continue plans associated with Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy regarding a class reward. The Class of 2019 feels deep contemptment towards the front office at the time of the authorship of this document and mutually agree to the relinquishment of all plans centralizing the class trip. Instead, the Class of 2019 demands the money raised (via fundraising) throughout the four years of the party’s attendance at Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy (spanning from 2015-2019). It is to our knowledge that the money fundraised through the Class of 2019’s tenure was to be used as “spending money” during the class trip. If this is true, students are demanding that this money be distributed amongst every class member as it is rightfully the belonging of each student through the blessings of God Himself.

If this cannot be met, the Class of 2019 will be forced to involve higher powers to dissolve this unnecessary conflict. If demands are met thoroughly, both the Class of 2019 and the parents of the Class of 2019 will walk peacefully away from Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy without resentment. On the contrary, if Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy is unable to meet the Class of 2019’s request without valid reasoning (validity being determined by parents of c/o 2019) the assistance of high powers will be commissioned to truly resolve this debacle.

List of Demands:

-  Reimbursement of class trip money ($375.00 per student) to all who paid
-  List of financial documents and statements regarding to the activity regarding money

stored in class account from 2015-2019
-  A financial statement detailing the amount of money raised by seniors between August

2015 thru May 2019.
-  The equal division of the money that would have been used as “spending money” to all


- The bus money we paid for for the trip as well as at least 2/3 of the fundraising money.

The Class of 2019 does not seek to threaten, disrespect, or bully the administration in any method. The Class of 2019 simply requests an explanation for the obscure decisions being made, and the money that was earned through tedious fundraising.

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