Cancel the lectures by members of the known hate group "A Voice For Men," scheduled for November 1st and apologize to the ENTIRE student body.

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    Administrators at Kennesaw State University are allowing a men's rights group known as "A Voice For Men" to hold a conference for men, including both students and non-students in the surrounding area. This is in spite of concerns from faculty and students of both genders, regarding the blatant lies, misinformation, hostility and promotion of violence towards women that this group incites, supports and spreads.

   The Southern Poverty Law Center has stated that this group (A Voice For Men) are "thick with misogynistic attacks" and "dedicated to savaging feminists in particular, and women, very typically American women in general."

   While the signers of this petition have no objections to Men's Rights groups speaking out (and in fact, encourage and support them) on behalf of men and women wanting to help other men experiencing societal discrimination, abuse or to assist them in overcoming the hurdles men face (child custody for example, or helping to build shelters and raise community awareness for men suffering in abusive relationships), we do have a concern over this particular group. They do not advocate for Men's Rights at all but instead they attack, incite violence towards and minimalize women and the crimes committed against women.

   The following are articles created by Paul Elam and A Voice For Men.

“Study Reveals Female Rape Victims Enjoyed the Experience.”.... “I’ll decide If You Were Raped, Not You.”....and “When Is It Okay to Punch Your Wife?”.... (and no, they are not talking about the cute meme going around on facebook claiming one of the ONLY reasons it's okay to hit your wife is with a fluffly blankey because she's on fire), along with HUNDREDS of other horrifying quotes. They also claim that "The majority of rape accusations are false." They have been witnessed as allowing the members on their page to call little girls (in a discussion about 3rd graders) "sluts" "tramps" and "little whores,"  and also saying "there is no such thing as rape, just an utter failure at self defense." They claim that almost EVERY SOURCE involved in tracking crimes against women are false, while claiming that men are nearly equal victims of rape, domestic violence and discrimination COMMITTED BY WOMEN.

   To demonstrate how cold and callous this group is, they have created their own White Ribbon Campaign in order to mock and impersonate the actual White Ribbon Campaign. The REAL White Ribbon Campaign is a male-led campaign dedicated to preventing male violence against women, and to give men a platform to speak out against it. Many people who click on a White Ribbon Campaign link, wanting to genuinely get involved in stopping violence against women, end up on this hateful and false page which claims domestic violence against women is not really all that much of a problem. This is just one example of how truly low "A Voice For Men" will go in order to spread their misogyny. In one quote by Paul Elam, Founder of A Voice For Men, he says the following:

   -Trigger Warning: Explicit Language from this point forward-

   "I have ideas about women who spend evenings in bars hustling men for drinks, playing on their sexual desires so they can get shitfaced on the beta dole; paying their bar tab with the pussy pass. And the women who drink and make out, doing everything short of sex with men all evening, and then go to his apartment at 2:00 a.m.. Sometimes both of these women end up being the “victims” of rape. But are these women asking to get raped?
In the most severe and emphatic terms possible the answer is NO, THEY ARE NOT ASKING TO GET RAPED. They are freaking begging for it! Damn near demanding it!
And all the outraged PC demands to get huffy and point out how nothing justifies or excuses rape won’t change the fact that there are a lot of women who get pummeled and pumped because they are stupid (and often arrogant) enough to walk though life with the equivalent of a I’M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH – PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign glowing above their empty little narcissistic heads."

   Keep in mind the last part of this quote. Paul Elam doesn't only apply his logic to women and social drinking situations but instead, according to him, women walk through life doing this. And describes being beaten and raped as being "pummeled and pumped." This is only a small sample of what this group believes and advocates. And yes, they are very vocal about their beliefs, and they get worse. Much, much worse.

   In an interview for 20/20, Elam was interviewed by Jaclyn Friedman. He says the following to her BEFORE the interview even starts.

“I find you, as a feminist, to be a loathsome, vile piece of human garbage. I find you so pernicious and repugnant that the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection.”

   Her thoughts in the article are as follows:

"I told Elam that it was hard to know how to engage with someone who hates you so much it turns him on. He waved the statement away, saying he’d made it in the heat of conversation (this despite the fact that “Fuck Their Shit Up” (meaning women, feminists in particular) is AVFM's official mantra). Elam is good at making excuses: Confronted with his own words, he typically says he has to use “extreme” language to attract attention to his cause. When that fails, he likes to claim that his work is “satire” (to which I can only reply, in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, "I do not think that means what you think it means").
He once used the tragic death of a woman who’d just graduated from college to argue that 'after 25, women are just wasting time.'

No matter what the issue is, the response from Men’s Rights Activists is the same: blame, threaten, and harass women, mostly online."


"And then there are the personal attacks: One of their tactics is to put out a cash bounty for personal information—including home addresses, places of employment, email addresses, and phone numbers—of feminists who upset them. The deluge of hate mail, rape and death threats for those on the receiving end of these witch hunts is hard to describe.

One young woman, who got in a heated argument with a men’s rights activist at a protest in Canada, was subsequently dubbed as 'little red frothing fornication mouth' by AVFM and had all of her private contact information published by MRAs. She received hundreds of elaborate threats of violence. One anonymous commenter invited her to 'enjoy being anally defiled.' Another gloated: 'I would actually cum cutting that bitch’s throat.' Paul Elam himself wrote an infamous post in which he vowed that, should he ever be called to serve on the jury for a rape trial, he would vote to acquit even if he believed the defendant was guilty. Another woman had to flee her home with her husband and children."

   I don't think I need to continue with the article or any further quotes. Although what I have stated is only the tip of the iceberg, I cannot possibly put on this petition EVERY quote and reason for why this group should never be allowed to speak to students on this, or any other campus.

   Paul Elam, founder of A Voice For Men, sponsors the KSU Mens goup (KSUM.) A Voice For Men and KSUM have maintained a climate of fear for women since their presence on campus began in 2012 and are now being allowed to film female students and faculty on hidden cameras for a YouTube channel, without the consent of the female students! Female students have no idea when and where they are being recorded. Also, the head of KSUM has been caught and lightly disciplined for going into women's restrooms to post unwanted literature, as well as donning rubber gloves around campus in order to demonstrate how to not leave fingerprints.

   This petition has been created by an outside party not affiliated with KSU, however, it is done on behalf of ALL of your students and will be shared both nationally and internationally by people from the general public who are aware of, and concerned by, events taking place at your university. Allowing this to continue is detrimental to both your students and your community.

   Your apology should address allowing the women of your campus to live in a state of fear and intimidation as a direct result of this groups two year involvement with your university, as well as for blatantly dismissing the concerns brought to you by your students and faculty. In addition, apologize to your male students, who do not want their university tainted by A Voice For Men and who stand united in their commitment to a safe campus for ALL . Furthermore, commit to never again extend 'invitations to lecture' to this dangerous, misogynistic group.

   Severe damage has already been caused by YOU, the administration. We are calling on you to put an immediate end to this! The students of KSU came to you for an education...not intimidation and discrimination!

   It is our hope that the administration of KSU will do the right thing and cancel this conference as well as begin the process of mending the severely damaged relationship between themselves and their students and faculty, who feel their fears and concerns have been ignored for the purpose of allowing "freedom of hate speech."  Also, administrators must help rebuild a sense of trust, safety and mutual respect between the students themselves.


   Virginia Mackay

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