Bring back fifth level language classes to Amador Valley High School

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Amador Valley High School is attempting to eliminate all level five language classes next year. These classes are an asset in our school community, allowing highly motivated and passionate students the opportunity to further their educational pursuits in a foreign language and culture. In an increasingly globalized society, foreign languages are becoming ever more important, providing expanded college and career opportunities. Last week, the students and teachers who were looking forward to taking these courses in the next school year were abruptly told that these courses would no longer be offered. After years of dedicating themselves to the study of a language that interested them, they were told that they can no longer continue, that they must stop midway and pick up again in college, after a long year of break. Moreover, the cultural exposure students were getting by being in combined classes, where French V students would study their curriculum in the back of a French 3 or AP French 4 class, is no longer permitted. This change deprives students of lower language levels from being encouraged by higher-level students to pursue their world language studies. While having more than two levels being taught in the same room can understandably be an issue, simply placing a fully-independent group in the same room as a lower level is nothing but an encouragement to the lower students, an aid to the teachers, and an experience for the higher students.

The World Language program, especially French, has been growing rapidly. In the last two years, numbers of students enrolling in French V has increased from 1 to 4 to 10 signed up for next year. All of these students adore the language they study, and to take that away from them is largely unfair to them and their careers, as this group includes students who aspired to obtain a minor, or even a double-major, in their target language, but now must hunt for a way to make sure their linguistic skills don't phase out over a dormant year which could easily have been prevented, had their school continued to offer a fifth level class.

Please help us by signing this petition to create a dialogue with the administration in order to advocate for the maintenance of level five language classes at Amador Valley.

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