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They call us competitors, they call us the non ruling side but we are the common students of this university who have been facing the same problems like every other student. Everyone who joined this college had the hopes and expectations to experience the new boundaries of freedom that the university life provides you with.

An year ago the deadline to enter the hostel premises was 10 PM, every thing functioned smoothly. Students had the chance to visit the main city after their classes for many different purposes and returned safely to the hostel abiding by it's rules and regulations.

Soon after the curfew time became 8 PM for certain reasons of security. Yes, we all understand that the security of students is of utmost importance but is this the only solution that we have? Can we not have the deadline again as 10 PM with the tightened security forces so that students are not given black dots if they enter later than 8 PM for certain genuine causes? The need of the hour is to show the power that lies in the unity of the student community facing so many challenges due to this. Let us come together for a change that can make our lives easier by signing this petition.