Justice for Vishesh Gupta

Justice for Vishesh Gupta

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Started by Ruby Behal

After relentlessly fighting for justice for the past 12 days, the main accused, Karandeep Singh has been caught by the authorities. No charges have been pressed yet, but this is a crucial first step in our pursuit for #JusticeforVishesh.

The abettors are yet to be caught. We will not rest till we see ALL the criminals behind bars, it is the least they deserve for the cold blooded MURDER of an innocent soul.

We would like to thank Punjab Police, Deputy CM and Local Authorities for helping us in our battle and it is with their support and cooperation that we have made this breakthrough.

But our fight doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning. We will NOT REST and we will KEEP SHARING details of this unfortunate incident until all the accused are rightfully identified and PUNISHED.

You all know that Vishesh was brutally killed by some criminals without any fault.
He was just at wrong place, at wrong time!

Whatever has happened with us, even injustice is a small word for that!

We need as much help as we can get in this unfortunate time.


1,191 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!