Reopening of IIT Kanpur Campus for Undergraduate Students

Reopening of IIT Kanpur Campus for Undergraduate Students

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Nirmal Agarwal started this petition to Administration IIT Kanpur

Since the normalcy started prevailing after the second wave, the College administration started talks regarding the return of PG students (PhDs & Master's) as a priority. Since then, PG students are being called back to campus in batches (A1, A2,.....) which are planned in a gap of every ten days. Now in September, most of the PG students are back on campus. The remaining majority of PG students will be back in the A6 (Scheduled on 9th &10th Sept) and A7 (Scheduled on 20th &21th sept) batch with Many vacant places in the A7 batch. It was expected that the same procedure would be followed for UG Y18, Y19, Y20 students, and Resource-constrained students at priority. Still, various incidents in recent times show that the administration has made apparent attempts to delay the return of UG students back to campus. 

Efforts are made by the student side like President student's gymkhana proposed the urgent need of calling back resource-constrained students in July to the administration, but it was ignored. Many sister IITs like IITB, IITD, IITKGP had this initiative taken up by the administration Positively. And Resource-constrained students from various batches are back on campus in these colleges. The student Senate also took up a resolution. It demanded clarity over the issue, but the process is still being delayed, which shows the lack of willingness of the administration to call back UG students. 

Currently, the resolution was proposed by Student senate executives in various committees like the Institute student's Affairs committee (ISAC) & Head's group. They even had to convince some members for the return of resource-constrained students too. Talks and deliberations are in process, and various people are involved from the admin side in taking up this decision. The only problem here is the slow pace of happenings from the administration side, which will delay the return of UG students back to campus. 

Even if the administration agrees to call back Resource-constrained students, the process of calling them back to campus will include selecting the eligible students from students who filled the form (which will go through DUGC or DSAC). Then collecting the vaccination status of those students and then allocating hostels to these students, which clearly shows the scope of Delay in this process.

The Students' Senate has helped the administration in every possible case. We came up with Concepts like the Hall Task Force, Hall Guidelines, Complaint management structure, etc. All this was done to help the administration to curb down the CoVID problems on campus.

The first step to solve a problem is to acknowledge it. That seems to be lacking. It appears that The institute feels that the students with resource constraints are doing fine & are not impacted by the severe inequality of resources available to students at their homes. The situation in India is getting better nowadays & Many colleges have already taken steps to reopen the college. Recently many states even allowed schools to function.  Online semesters are shrouded in an epiphany of problems; it is neither reliable nor convenient. Students are not getting holistic education through online classes. Institute is not acknowledging the various difficulties of UG students like mental health-related issues, lack of peer group & interactions and lack of lab experience in UG Students, etc., which is an integral part of the degree in many departments.

In summary, we can see the following problems-

1. Reluctancy in calling undergraduate students back on campus.
2. Attempts to Delay in calling back Resource-constrained students
3. Not Acknowledging the various academic & Non- Academic problems faced by UG students and lack of proper communication from the administration to address the issues.


1. UG open house with the administration within a week by 12th September

There is an apparent lack of communication of plans, actions for campus return of students by the college administration. No direct communication happened between students and administration from the last 18 months. The administration should answer queries of UG students. 

Hence we Request an UG open house that will resolve this issue.

2. Resource-constrained students should be called without any further delay

We Request that the Resource-constrained students be called back to campus on priority within September. Any delay from DUGC or the administration side in selecting eligible students should not hamper their return to campus. Return of Resource-constrained students should be completed in the A7 & A8 batch. 

3. Continuation of calling back UG students

We Request that the same procedure be followed for calling back UG students like PGs & Calling back of UG students should be started from A8 & A9 batch, i.e., just after returning Resource-Constrained students. All the details regarding the A8 & A9 batch should be shared with students within September.  

Previously on 12th November 2019, the student body observed a unity day on-campus & 2,600 students signed a document expressing their concerns about unethical action of the administration against the student body.

Similarly, we request you sign the petition if you think our demands are legitimate and should be fulfilled at the earliest. We will also take this to Faculty members to sign the petition & will be mailing this petition to the relevant authorities on 8th September at 11:00 PM to start work in this direction without any further delay. Suppose no reply is received within a few days. In that case, we will take this to media houses to cover this incident because that's when the admin is definitely going to reply. We will keep you updated on each and every further development.

We take up this petition as students' senate members to show the needs and strength of the student body. This text is intended to provide an accurate picture of happenings & requesting IITK students to come together, support this petition. 






0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!