Humber Online Learning

Humber Online Learning

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4 février 2022
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Pourquoi cette pétition est importante

Lancée par Steph Medalsy

Given the current climate, and how infectious the Omicron variant is, we're asking to have the rest of the semester be online. 


By attending classes in person, we are putting ourselves, and the people around us at risk by being with a group of over 55 people on a daily basis. 

There is no plan to help students catch up on material learned in class if they are exposed to Covid-19 and would need to quarantine. 

It seems like we're putting our health and learning at risk.


We have been online for this long, it is hard to find the benefits of changing to in-person learning for less than two months.

It would disrupt the routines that we have all developed allowing us to be productive and engaged will be remote. Humber has the resources and the platform to be able to execute online learning. 

As well, by removing travel time, students have more time to study, complete assignments, and work. 

Financial Burden

Students from out of province, and international students, would all have the added financial burden of traveling, moving, and living expenses. 

Being remote removes travel costs locally as well. 


We implore you to consider keeping a remote learning style. 


Humber Students

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