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For the past few months, Eleanor Roosevelt High School has been building a fantastic STEM building to further the future generation education. The school is very proud to see future students be extremely well educated due to the STEM building. Sadly, due to the construction about half of the parking lot has been used for the construction site. Since then, our current students have been late when arriving to school and late when returning from lunch due to VERY LIMITED parking space. As part of the student body, it is unfair that our teachers continue to give us tardies in the morning and when arriving back from lunch. Whether students plan accordingly, arrive school earlier (than usual), or have a daily schedule somebody else may take the parking spot. Eleanor Roosevelt High School’s student body respects and understands the work that is being put in from the school as well as our district, but tardies should not be given out while this construction continues to last. With all due respect, the student body feels as if it’s unfair to continue to give out tardies when our intention is to not be late. No matter where we park: near the football field, in front of the gymnasium, in front of the theater building, etc. there is still an extended walking distance. Students are also tardy due to the fact they are not allowed to leave through the front gate and are not allowed to enter back on campus through the front gate from lunch. Despite it being the end of the year, the student body would love for the current and future students to be able to not be penalized.  The student body would love to be recognized and would love to be noticed. Let’s make a difference together.

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Andrew Perez & Larissa Rios