Change the rules for Junior Outing at Half Hollow Hills High School East

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At Half Hollow Hills High School East, students in the junior class anxiously await their first prom experience with every coming year. A common obstacle that many students face is the struggle of finding a date to accompany them to this outing. The policy suggested by the school only permits High School East students in the class of 2019 to attend the junior banquet. This rule restricts a large number of students from fully enjoying themselves during this event. Many students are faced with the social pressure of finding a date so they do not have to attend the event alone. The many complications generated by looking for a date causes the appeal of this event to decrease dramatically. Because students do not find someone to attend the prom with, they decide not to attend altogether. It is understood that attending the event with a date is not mandatory, however, multiple students tend to face a great deal of social anxiety because they are expected to find a date to “fit in”. Students in a high school environment are often pressured to act in a certain manner because they will not be seen as “cool” or “normal” if they do not. Numerous exclusive groups are generally a concern for most teens, but now, students are expected to find a date which adds to the problems faced by juniors daily. By making an amendment to the rules of junior prom - allowing students to invite dates from another school to the junior prom- allows the students to be comfortable attending a school-sponsored event without being pressured into social constraints presented by other teens in their graduating class. We, the students of the junior class, would greatly appreciate it if our proposal could be considered by the administration of Half Hollow Hills High School East.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Junior Class of Half Hollow Hills High School East Class of 2019