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HLF Bid Unsuccessful

Unfortunately we have been unsuccessful in our Heritage Lottery Fund bid to renovate the cascade and restore the Rock Garden. The cascade, built in 1912, needs to be repaired and brought up to modern environmental standards. It is essential to the character of the Rookery and its Grade II listed status. The money from the bid would have renovated and repaired the cascade, combined with a sustainable planting plan influenced by the original Edwardian planting styles for alpine rock gardens incorporating Asiatic exotics and water plants. Thank you to everyone who supported us and signed the petition. In feedback from the Heritage Lottery Fund, they said our bid was well planned and thorough, but given the high demand for the funds, lost out to other bids that had a more varied programme of engagement activities. i.e. there’s only so much money to go round and this time we didn’t get it. We are currently looking into other ways to fund repairs and renovations, and are planning to start some work this year with any funds we currently have to try to get the cascade working again in some fashion. We’d like to thank everyone who supported us including those who signed the petition, and especially all those who helped put the bid together, led by Barbara Wright.

4 years ago