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I started this petition because I found about pro-anorexic sites online about two months ago, I was absolutely horrified by the images and distorted information that I was reading, I decided to investigate by making a false account on the website "" to delve into what exactly "pro-ana" is all about. I wanted to better understand the people who are consumed by false information and distorted body imagery. 

The website is a website that is for glamorizing eating disorders. This website is leading to the detriment of impressionable youth by exposing them to warped ideas about all information regarding weight. This website has many forums dedicated to starvation, pro-anorexia, bulimia, dangerous weight loss diets, weight loss competitions, making pro-ana friends, and pro self-harm. Not only is this website a vessel for impressionable young people to develop an eating disorder, it promotes the deterioration of self-worth and health. Many users shame people of healthy weights and are in dire need of help. They are glamorize anorexia and other eating disorders which ruin lives. These mental illnesses are not a mere trend. They can lead to extreme illnesses and even death.

People this is not a joke. This site can easily lure your young siblings, your nieces, your nephews, and your children into an illness that may very well take their lives.   People on this site glamorize eating disorders and trick young minds as well as others that emaciated bodies and starvation is the only way to appreciate your body. It has pages full of "thinsporation" (thin+inspiration) these are images that worship extremely unhealthy looking people and persuade others to try to become as sickly as the images. I've seen people whose "goal" weights are well under healthy BMI's and even trigging photos of self-harm. Although this site does have very few "recovery" forums it is not as easily accessible as the pro-anorexia forums, and in essence is a cover up for all of the damage it does. Not only does this site draw young, naive people in, it worsens the conditions of users who aren't new to the site by engaging with other people who are supporting eating disorders. This site promotes self-hate, self-harm, and can easily take lives if it were to continue to run. So please, I am begging you to sign this petition to stop others from falling into the ongoing hell that is an eating disorder. Please share this with others!


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