Reinstate Paul Thomson as Principal of Kimberley College

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Reinstate Paul Thomson and his family as principal and administration for Kimberley College.

Paul Thomson is like no other principal. His philosophy on teaching is by no means mainstream and that is why so many parents have sent their children to Kimberley College. They know and understand that Mr Thomson and his team of amazing teachers and family will bring out the best in their children. They know that their child will be taught according to their individual needs rather than the date on their birth certificate.There is no average at the school of Kimberley College. Mr Thomson's approach to teaching our children is imaginative, exciting, fair, sensitive, empathetic, responsive and thoughtful. His dedication to our children is unquestionable.

My Thomson and his family have been wrongly accused in the most horrible of ways. He has not been able to defend himself so it is up to the parents and pupils who know and support him to undo this atrocity.

Don't stand by and let this bullying continue any further. Place your vote today to reinstate the man and team that will guide and support your child to be the best possible person they can be.