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Petition to the British Queen, Head of Canada, for removal of Justin Trudeau immediately

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Canada has been losing its identity, culture, tradition and  spirituality because of Justin Trudeau  and his Liberal party. Canadians are becoming second class citizens in their home country under Trudeau's Gov't.  Muslim radicals, terrorists & Jihadists, and illegal immigrants have been coming or infiltrating  to Canada in very large numbers because of Trudeau's open border policy.. He does not keep in heart or head  Canada's best interests or Sovereignty. According to his public lecture and address to his supporters, he said that Muslim refugees are more important than Canadians. Sheltering and feeding Muslim refugees cost a fortune to Canada's Tax-payers  . Recently, he awarded a GITMO terrorist Omar Khadr who killed many American soldiers, a huge amount of tax-free ten million Dollars. Canadian people are very much agitated. They started already movement and rallies against Trudeau, which may lead to civil unrest, mass uprising and chaos in the near future. Before that happens, we request her Majesty the Queen of UK( as Head of Canada) to intervene and remove Trudeau immediately.  Her Majesty's power & authority as Head of Canada (as per Canadian Constitution) can definitely save Canada from impending ruin and disintegration. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.  CANADIANS first, but Americans, Britons, Australians and New Zealanders also may like to sign this Petition., Also, please go thru the 26 points against Trudeau as noted below:: 

Justin Trudeau is totally unacceptable as PM or leader of a national party in  entire Canada. His  harmful acts, treachery, inaction, incompetence, step-motherly attitude (to some Provinces) and measures against Canadian society and Christianity,  are open and in Public now.

1. Abortion (including full term,  Pretty much like Genocide): totally unacceptable in Canadian society and Christianity.

3 Increased Taxes (and a proposed financial burden on Small Business owners whom Trudeau calls "Tax Cheats")

4 Increased Debt (An 80% increase from what he predicted)

5 Loss of Pipeline Agreement: because of his incompetent handling and wrong policies, Canada lost it.  A huge loss to national revenue !!!!???

6 Some pensioners are losing $400 or more monthly, a nearly
irreparable hit due to the economic conditions worsening, thanks to
Trudeau's govt's failure. Surprisingly enough, monthly welfare Checks to the illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees are higher than those of Pensioners( Canadian Citizens)

7. In many areas, Trudeau was evacuating seniors homes to make room for more refugees (He is allowing both those who cross legally and illegally, with the promise & offer of  citizenship program. He also ordered setting up of tent camps at the border,to accept the illegal immigrants from the USA  and providing them free food, lodging, free Medicare and Cash amount. The cost of just processing these claimants is 1 million dollars, besides the expenditure on account of food, lodging, Medicare and Cash

8. Just days after a terrorist attack in Edmonton Alberta by a Muslim
immigrant, Trudeau put out a call to "End White Supremacy" instead of addressing the attack. or ordering arrest of the Muslim immigrant( linked ISIS)

9. Justin Trudeau paid terrorist Omar Khadir 10 million dollars. This
was above and beyond what was necessary, as the family of the man he killed received nothing, nor did the man he blinded.

10. Women and children in Canada are being physically hurt by Trudeau's Muslim immigrants and nothing is being done. Most recent victim was a 75 year old woman who was severely beaten.

12. Trudeau is blaming Alberta,-not his federal Government for the division of the Canadian people.

13. When BC was on fire, Trudeau did not provide assistance. Forget about his visit to the affected areas

14. Trudeau has bought our military old used/junk supplies! This is
terrifying, considering President Trump has told Canada that if Russia
attacks us, we will be on our own.

15 When areas of Canada were flooding, Trudeau bought a giant rubber Duck. and  watching TV.

16. By condemning all the Christians all the time Trudeau does not recognize the fact that Canada is a Judeo-Christian country. It has its own heritage, culture custom and religious belief.

17..Blaming Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus & Sikh's for any Muslim worries or troubles, and unreasonably condoning the Muslims of brutal criminal acts: by such practices, Trudeau has been creating a division in Canadian society.

18.Immigration Law is in total jeopardy.without any reform and change/amendment. Illegals from the USA, Muslim refugees/ISIS members have been infiltrating into Canada because of Open Border Policy of Trudeau's Govt.

19. Many direct or indirect cases of Treason, can be found out by Investigating against Trudeau, specially his secret link to ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups. But ISIS made no secret of it by rejoicing at Trudeau's victory in the last election.

20.. M-103( Motion) : this is going to be a Bill. It stipulates that any condemnation or criticizing of Islam or Muslims will be dealt by the Government by punishing people with Fine, Jail-term or both.  This is absolutely discriminatory to the Canadians, as it limits Freedom of Speech of Canadian citizens. Trudeau is trying to get it passed, to appease the Muslim radicals and terrorists. 

21. Freedom of Speech::  Canadians have been scared of expressing their free opinions in favor of Canada or its national interest. There have been cases of direct and indirect threats to those who opposed Trudeau & his Liberal party.  Freedom or Speech or Free Speech is guaranteed in Canadian Constitution but Trudeau wants to violate it

22. New Amendment of Immigration Act of Canada::  In order to facilitate gaining of more votes in the next election., he is allowing all Muslim refugees, radicals , terrorists and illegal immigrants to apply for Citizenship. By next two years, they will be all Canadian Citizens who could vote for Trudeau and his Party.  That means, this Amendment will allow easy obtaining of Canadian Citizenship for all Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants. So, they will be able to vote for Trudeau & his Liberal party in the next election. and make him winner in an illegal and unconstitutional way.  This Amendment is to be scrapped and declared Null & Void.

23. Financial crunch : Budget figures do not match or balance: Canada maybe bankrupt in the next three years, as spending will outweigh revenue. .

24.Targeting small businesses with Tax hike.: Trudeau is incompetent to balance a budget but knows how to harm young business women in a wrong way.

25. Pre-election promises::: all the promises Trudeau made before election, have not been kept, not a single one. A great betrayal to the Canadians

26. Sharia Law:: it is applicable to Muslim and Muslim countries. How come Trudeau is trying to legalize it in Canada?  Is it not a discrimination against Christianity. Canadians have no objection to it, if applied in Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries , but not in Canada or the USA. Additionally, Canadian constitution has no room or provision for Sharia law. 

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