Change all dictionary definitions of sustainability to an accurate one

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Are you concerned about the climate crisis, racial injustice, poverty, gender-based violence, deforestation, species decline or the exploitation of the people who make our clothes or produce our chocolate? All of these things are related to sustainability - or, rather, that social injustice, environmental exploitation and outdated business models have left humanity facing a crisis of survival.

Current dictionary definitions and public understanding of the term ‘sustainability’ generally focus either on environmental or financial sustainability, which are only two key aspects of what makes something sustainable or unsustainable. It fails to accurately reflect what it is, and means it’s not a term that can be used to mobilise others, to have accurate conversations and to create meaningful change. 

We’re calling on all humans who care about the Planet, society and sustainable economies to join this campaign calling on all leading dictionaries to update their definitions of sustainability to an accurate, complete one that is about People, Planet and Economies. Language is important and now more than ever we need crystal clear, accurate language to help us mobilise, innovate, collaborate and create solutions to ensure the long-term survival of humankind and our planet.

We propose all dictionaries adopt the following definition to replace that:

The ability to maintain financial resources at a certain rate or level, without the depletion of natural resources or infringing on human rights.

We’ve written to each of the leading dictionaries, and we’re asking you to sign this petition to add weight to our request. Together, we can change language and change the world!

Sign the petition and spread the word!

In the interest of humankind,
Betsy Reed, Khandiz and the campaign team

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