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Change the admins!

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The admins in the chat are corrupt. They don't care about the people in the chat and kick for absurd reasons, most of the time, they don't even know why they kicked them. I, VulgarPotato was kicked from the chat. The reason? Someone who didn't go to Sydney Boys or Sydney Girls claimed that I didn't go to Sydney Boys. The admin immediately banned me from the chat. He did not ask anyone else or check if he was telling the truth. Another example is Brendan Alcorn. He asked the question, "who is going to music camp?" Later he said, "music camp FTW!" Someone began spamming in capslock, "KICK BRENDAN!" A few minutes later, Brendan, who was away from his keyboard was kicked, unable to defend himself. When asked, the admin who kicked him said, "every person in the chat was saying to kick him," This is an unacceptable answer, the admins of this chat should not be able to be swayed into abusing their power so easily. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! Both examples contained innocent people who did absolutely nothing wrong. The solution I suggest is that we have trustworthy admins. Admins who will not abuse their power and admins who will check their sources before they kick people. 

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