7 April 2021
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We are students from Zurbarán High School and we have been analysing the present outline of  the wall to protect the train tracks in Navalmoral de la Mata. ADIF wants to build a wall for high speed trains to pass and to protect the pedestrians. We have observed that this would only bring bad consequences for the town, such as:


·         The wall is very dangerous, because if there is a nuclear emergency we couldn’t evacuate the high school and the rest of town fast, or if there is a fire the firefighters would take longer to arrive, as all the emergency services are on the other side of the wall.

·         The wall will cause many traffic jams next to our high school, so if this happens, we will have to get up earlier. If they didn´t build the wall, it would be much better, because the buses would not waste so much time getting to our school.

.         If there is an emergency and you have to go quickly with the car, due to traffic jams caused by the wall at the train tracks, it would be a total disadvantage for the people in emergency.

·         If the wall is built, Navalmoral City Council will have to spend a lot of money on new streets in which the traffic will be worse compared to the current ones.

·         If we cut off all the pedestrian paths over the rail tracks, we will need to use more transport, so there will be more pollution, and pollution is bad for us, since it affects our lungs.

·          If they build the wall in Navalmoral, they will need to remove a lot of parking spaces and that's a problem, because if now it is already difficult to park, when they remove some parking places, it will be impossible; and with all the traffic that there will be due to the wall, to find a parking space will be even more difficult than now.

·         Journeys will be more expensive, because vehicles will have to go around as some level crossings will disappear and cars will spend more petrol, including the school buses when they take students to their schools.

·         Pedestrians will have to cross through an underground tunnel or go around to go to the city centre. When you cross the tunnel during the day there is no problem, but at night it would be very dangerous to cross because of bad visibility.

·         The shops outside the wall will lose customers, as people will not go there if they have to go around a long way and spend a long time for the errand.

·         Tourists passing by Navalmoral de la Mata to go to other nearby areas of Cáceres would not stop in this town to have a drink, a meal or buy typical products, as there would be a difficult access and tourists would prefer to go on to the next town on their way and spend their money there.


Please, sign our petition to stop the construction of that wall, because this will bring a lot of disadvantages and this will ruin our town in addition to being against 3 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: 3.Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education,11.Sustainable cities and Communities and 13. Climate Action.




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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
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