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Adidas to stop labeling the content of the item outside the shipping box

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TL;DR- Adidas needs to stop putting labels on the outside of the box informing people what is inside.

Nowadays getting a pair of sneakers is as difficult as winning the lottery. Not everyone has the chance to buy them, and even less people get to actually buy them. I've had experience with this and have struck out on almost every release that I've truly wanted due to the rarity of certain sneakers.
Last week there was an Adidas Yeezy boost 350 release online and I gathered all my devices to attempt to purchase these sneakers. I waited hours and hours just to get passed the waiting queue. Then I got in, once I was in it let me choose a size, so I chose my size, added the sneaker to my bag and proceeded to checkout. I've never been more excited in my life. I finally have a Yeezy in my collection.
I waited and waited for adidas to send me an email with shipping confirmation and I finally got it two days laters--fantastic. I plug the tracking code into FedEx's website and begin stalking this page, Keeping myself up-to-date with the location of my Yeezy's. Eventually they reached my local FedEx station so I clear my plans for that day hoping it would go out for delivery. It never did. No big deal though I can just wait until tomorrow. So I carry on with my day, and set my alarm for the next day. I wake up at 11am on the following Saturday the Yeezys released and they are still not out for delivery. Being that this was my first time getting yeezys I get anxious and decide to call FedEx and ask what's going on. I was told my package was missing. My first yeezy, missing. At this moment, I'm not sure what to say so I ask the FedEx representative what will happen next. The kind gentleman told me there would be an investigation and I'll just have to wait to see what happens. So I hang up and start looking online to see if this has happened to anyone else.
As I'm browsing the web, I see that this isn't he first FedEx has "lost" a package. Specifically a package containing a highly valuable sneaker so I continue to research. Apparently, adidas puts the style code of the sneakers(basically the sneakers code name), the size of the product, AND the order number on label stuck on the box.
This is 100% unacceptable. Any one who touches the box can look at that label and immediately know what's inside the box and whether or not it will fit them. I believe my sneakers were stolen by a FedEx employee at the local station.
I'm not the first person this has happened too and I won't be the last. Adidas needs to stop putting information about the contents of what's inside the box on a label stuck on the outside of it.

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