Adelaide Plains Council: We Want Weekly Bin Collection!

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Fortnightly rubbish bin pickup sees the residents of the Adelaide Plains Council district, arrive at bin day with unsanitary, stinky, overflowing rubbish bins. Despite sorting through our waste thoroughly, utilising our recycling and green waste bins where possible, fortnightly pick up is not enough.

Majority of residents would agree, especially those with children who require disposable nappies, that fortnightly just isn't enough! 

If the council were to change the frequency of rubbish bin collection to weekly, I believe there would be a significant decline in the amount of illegal dumping in our council district. There would be only positive changes, should the bin collection be changed to weekly.

After speaking with friends and family of the wider community, many have said that they would be deterred from building or buying in the APC district, due to the fact that bin collection is fortnightly. Many who already reside in the APC district, have stated that had they have known prior, that this fact would have negatively swayed their decision to live in this district. 

We pay significant council rates, on par with metropolitan suburbs, and as a result would like to see the rubbish bin collection changed to weekly, on par with metropolitan suburbs.

FUN FACT: In September 2018, the State Government turned down a request by local metropolitan councils, to move bin collection to fortnightly. This request was denied, with Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas stating, "Cancelling weekly rubbish pick-ups is a truly terrible idea which would have a negative impact on people across the metropolitan area." He also stated, "Stinky, overflowing bins in households across our suburbs is simply unacceptable.” (Reference:

With increasing population to the APC district, I think it's time for weekly pickup!

Please support us by signing our petition, to be presented to the Adelaide Plains Council.

Thank you!