Adelaide Entertainment Centre stop hosting barbaric BULL RIDING events.

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You may have seen the shocking footage from 2017 where a frantically bucking bull's leg is snapped. He falls to the ground while rodeo clowns continue to run circles around him and pull on his tail. 

Adelaide Entertainment Centre are once again set to profit from this exploitative, barbaric and outdated event. Amidst pyrotechnics, lasers and a booming sound system 52 bulls will have a strap tightened around there sensitive flanks moments before they are released from the chute. Riders will earn extra points for using their metal spurs to encourage these already terrified, exhausted and bewildered creatures to buck more violently. 

The event promotor proudly bosts,

"This event encompasses pain, fear, blood, courage and glory."

ADELAIDE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE thinks this is all good family fun. Please join me in telling them that it's 2019 and we demand better for our children and our animals.