Save Our Silos - Prevent Demolition of Geelong Cement Silos

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Save Our [Geelong] Silos!

Adelaide Brighton Cement Ltd. have recently announced the demolition of Geelong Cement Silos (Fyansford). (Geelong Advertiser 12/02/2020).

The silos were decommissioned in 2001, and were more recently painted by Geelong raised international artist 'RONE'. 

If you believe that these landmark silos are of local cultural significance and form part of Geelong's Heritage (Industrial) Fabric, or would like to see them retained and re-purposed to benefit the broader Geelong community, please support this petition to cancel/postpone the demolition of the Silos, until the 

Ideally, the community would have an opportunity voice their concerns and or learn about plans for the Geelong Cement Silos prior to their demolition.