#Adelalistentome - I beg you Adela, listen to me.

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I am Emanuele, i am 38 and i am from Rome. I live in České Budějovice. My life brutally changed 1 month ago when i ve been left alone for something i didn't made or better, because i am accused to not have made something i made.

I was married and i have 2 wonderful kids and how can happen in life, on april 2016 i felt in love with Adela, a wonderful person, an angel came into my life. We were together not officially for a while but than, step by step, i made in the way to build our life and our love officially. To make it happen i told the truth to my ex wife and with my kids they went to live in Poland, where she is from and where i go to see them regoularly, thanks to the fact that i've tried to mantein the best relationship possible with my ex wife. My travelling to poland and back to Rome was maybe the biggest problem between me and Adela, because even if she never asked me to choose between her and my kids, she felt always bad when i was going to visit my kids. The reason is because she believed i had double life when IT IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. To prove this on august 2017 i decided to divorce and to ask Adela to be my wife. So i started the procedure for the divorce that are long (it can take 1 year and half in Rome) and on October 2017 i asked her to marry me. She said yes. Our relationship was always hard, for example because of the "not official" status we had at the begin and we passed through really hard moments, but we left all behind us somehow. What was always missing was the trust towards me, because even if i tried to make always my best, for example giving her my kids too, she thought and still think that all was just a fake, that nothing is true, even that the divorce is a fake..when fortunately all is true

On december 2017 me and Adela we were still living in Rome and she asked me to follow her in Czech Republic (she is Czech) because she had a very good job offer. Without thinking i said yes, even for me that yes ment risk to loose my kids. We definetly moved to Czech Republic the 26th of January 2018 and i still cant understand why, the 9th of febraury 2018 mainwhile i was visiting my kids in poland, she left me, telling me to not even try to go back to Czech Republic to talk to her.

Obviously i went to Czech Republic to try to talk to her, but since the first try, thanks to who is around her too, it was impossible to talk normally with her. I've tried other 3 times and i had always really bad surprises.

I was succesfull one time, for 5 minutes. She opened her heart for 30 seconds and she asked me to give her a proof, calling my ex wife in front of her. I said yes, but a friend of her arrived and she told me to go away. I was waiting for her and she escaped calling another friend of her to picke her up.

I've tried to ask help to her friends or family who are around her now, but nobody even answered a part telling me "is not my problem". Even after all is happening, I cannot lose the hope because i love her too much and becasue i gave her all i had in my life, my love, my family, my own life. I am trying all way to let her listen to me because i know she wants to know the truth too. She suffered a lot for our love, she worked hard too. And i want to give honor to this love!

So i am here to ask you to make it happen, to just listen to me and to check that all i am saying is just and only the truth. I cannot live this life, if this is the life i deserve, and i trust in our love. I am risking my life in this. I need to demonstrate that my love is genuine and is true as always since the 1st moment. I do it for me, for her to let understand that being serious vs her, all the love she gave me was always paid back. i do it for my kids, as i can't look into their eyes anymore couse i feel guilty and desperate

i beg you, with all of my heart give me 10 minutes of time to let me demonstrate tha my love was always real strong and just for you! #adelalistentome

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