SDSU Spring 2021 Meal Plan Option Changes

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At San Diego State University, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, they have poorly transitioned to allowing students to have access to proper food options.

Currently, as of November 24th, 2020, 17 of the 37 of the food places on campus are closed. Out of the remaining open 27 places, 11 of those stores are either never open on weekends, or close extremely early.

There are little to no options for dinner on the weekends, and eating at the same four food places is not sufficient for a proper diet. 

With the news that Broken Yolk is closing in Spring 2021, we are asking that you reopen East Commons and many other food options such as the BCB Cafes.

It is unfair for the students living on campus, especially those without cars as we lose access to a proper healthy breakfast. Now with the addition of more in-person classes that have been announced for Spring 2021, it would be helpful for those students who go on campus frequently to have access to East Commons, and the BCB cafes spread around Campus.

Especially for those who live in the "Tecs" the access to food is limited, and if they are required to have in-person classes, they need to have proper access to food on campus. It is extremely disappointing that the only viable food options are in the Aztec Union, UTK, and under South Campus.