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Remember my story? I will remember something that weighs heavily on me, even if the time has passed to be exact 9 years ... I am still here, living or surviving, wanting justice to be interested in my case. I do not even know how I am alive after everything I went through and the suffering of my family. I was raped just after I was 20 years old. Full of illusions that cleared in a matter of seconds. I was still a virgin, yes, it ist possible to be with 20 years just fulfilled, and with more.

I always thought that my first time would be with someone special, a love that could show me as I am, teach my naked soul, my essence, because we all know that the first time is something new and a unique feeling. This time was for me a nightmare, with (I do not know how to describe it) a kind of NOT PERSON who is supposed to be prince, but not my dreams, but my nightmares. He is the prince of Saudi Arabia, the one that leaves in planes lined of gold ... the decadence of the morality. They wove a spider web one known, girlfriends thought, but called "princesses". They took me to a disco. I was drugged. I was transferred to a yacht. I've been raped. They threatened me after they raped. And yes, I am still alive, others have passed the same and are dead.

Sometimes I wonder how I came out alive, but I can only say that living with it every day and the damage it has done to me is irreparable. Neither psychologists, nor painkillers, when the symptoms of dreaded anxiety appear, how can I explain to my family everything that goes through my mind? That damage I can not explain, but I do cry and want to forget it. How can I explain to my friends that I am sad when in truth, I am torn to pieces ...? Not an afternoon of laughter can fix the damage I feel inside me! Easy is to judge me, as many have done without knowing everything I've been through and living with it, what has happened and what happens to my family. No one has the right to judge me, but I have the right to be tried by justice.

I continue here because despite all the sadness that I carry inside, I do not lose hope that someday, that NO PERSON will get what he deserved, and do not rape anyone else. He's still free since then, we talk about years from that and surely there will be more girls who have gone through my experience, terrible and disgusting experience. I am still alive but not silent, I am still here with more force than ever and I will wait for JUSTICE to be done!

To all those who think that we had the luck of having the King of Spain (emeritus today) you are wrong, was the first to worry about closing my case. The case is again closed thanks to judges who are supposed to "watch" for justice in Spain.

I appeal to you to help me reopen my case.