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Respect our Jawans and stop giving them menial jobs!

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Recently jawans of BSF, CRPF and even the Indian Army have come out on social media and told the world about the shoddy treatment given to them. The most shocking of all has been that jawans are used as house maids and are asked to do menial jobs such as cleaning utensils, tending pets, cleaning vehicles, getting groceries, ironing clothes and even polishing boots for their superiors.

I have personally been seeing this happening as I live next to a military area and have talked to a few jawans about it.. 

A few days back the Indain Army Chief Bipin Rawat said that if jawans are facing issues they should complaint though the grievance box.I am shocked to hear from the Chief that he needs a grievance box to tell him of the situation. It is a very common sight in any cantonment area to see jawans being deployed for personal work of the higher ranked officers. If the Chief acts as if nothing like this has been happening, then only the intervention of the defense minister, the home minister and ultimately the prime minister can work. An overhauling of the mindset and rules are needed. The Indian Army has the legacy from the raj era when the British officers would treat the Indian jawans as slaves. Today, not all but many of the superior ranking officers continue to use jawans for their household help. This should stop. Jawans enter into armed forces to serve their country and fight for it and not to become house maid of their superiors! I dread to imagine the impact such work would have on the morale of the jawans. 

Since this is something that even the Indian Army chief is shying away from, I am petitioning the Prime Minster of India, Defence Minister and the Home Mister to look into this and ensure the Indian Armed forces sets rules for strict action against officers who disrespect and misuse the loyalty and hard work of jawans for personal comfort.

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