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Additional Permanent Infrastructure at LM Montgomery School

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Dear Honourable Wade MacLauchlan,

We, the parents of LM Montgomery Home and School, firmly believe that our children deserve a school that supports their education, health, and safety.  Our children’s education is highly important to us and to the future of PEI. We believe that the wellness and mental health of the staff has full impact on the students they teach. The teachers have made us aware of their situations and concerns. We, as parents and guardians, acknowledge these issues facing the staff and children at LM. In order to improve our school, we need to increase the capacity to care for our children both by increasing the structure size itself and by creating classrooms and learning environments that truly support our children and teachers.  All of these things require a school infrastructure that can support these basic needs for our children.  Currently ours does not. 

LM Montgomery School was built in November 1983.   Mobiles were added as the school population grew but these were never intended nor built for long term use. Unfortunately, we are currently still using these mobiles years later.  Along with rodent issues in the mobiles, parts of the school are damp with water leaking through windows, there are issues with heating in some of the classrooms, an aging boiler that has actually closed the school for two days while it was repaired and many more issues that have developed over the years.  The wear and tear on the school will only increase as it ages and we increase the amount of children it holds.  The Kindergarten wing, built in 2010/11, as a permanent structure, has worked well for short term; however it has developed heating issues and has still not provided the school with enough space for our growth.  Kindergarten classes increased the use of the gym, music room and library but there was no further infrastructure ever put in place to help support these additional students. 

There will be 430 students in the school as of September 2017.  There are 22 classes and only 20 classrooms, meaning students are taught in an inside classroom with no windows.  Elementary classes are taught from one room, and therefore students do not move around.  This is unsanitary and unhealthy with no fresh air and natural light.  The home and school federation are currently moving towards and supporting healthy eating breakfast and lunch programs but even if they are successful, our school will be unable to participate as this will require space. Numbers in our school zone and community is looking to increase at a quicker pace within the next 5 years, from Pleasant Grove subdivisions to the East Royalty Master Plan, numbers under no circumstance will decrease, which raises further concerns.  

Another alarming concern in our school is the limited space for specialist teachers and core French: the teacher is moving around, on a cart teaching nearly 250 students room to room.  This is difficult for the teacher and also devalues the importance of French in our education system, by the students.  French is important to our culture and to the future of French immersion entries.  Once again, additional permanent infrastructure to our school would help with this unacceptable situation. 

The most important issue here however is the wellness and mental health of our children and with overcrowded classes, crowding in entrance ways, lack of personal space, lack of one to one time, no support for learning levels and fire hazards in moving around crowded changing rooms and boot rooms, we feel that the development of LM and its space needs to come sooner rather than later.  

By signing this petition, we, the parents of LM Montgomery School, request that permanent pieces are added to our school in order to address these issues immediately.  We would also like to request to have a parent representative be part of the conversations and decisions within the branch that will take place about our school. 

 In solidarity,

LM Montgomery School Parents and Guardians


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