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Add your name and pledge to support immigration fairness!


I’ve pledged allegiance to the American flag since arriving at the age of 12. And I’m not alone. There are millions of us who are American in every possible way, working and living in this amazing country, but simply without the papers to show it. My campaign, Define American, is asking the whole country to join us in pledging anew.

The message is that America is for all of us - no matter who we are or how we got here. Whether we were born in the US or elsewhere, we all claim America and pledge to make her ever-greater together.

Our nation's immigration woes are complex. Still, if we listen to one another and begin asking the right questions now, we can fix them -- together. It is time for a new national conversation on immigration and and renewing our own pledge of allegiance is a great place to start. 

When immigrants become U.S. citizens, they swear an oath. We should all be willing to do that. Let’s stand to support immigration fairness by signing this pledge. 

I pledge to be an active American
to show up for others
to govern my self
to help govern my community
I recommit myself to my country’s creed
to cherish liberty
as a responsibility

I pledge to serve
and to push my country:
when right, to be kept right;
when wrong, to be set right
Wherever my ancestors and I were born,
I claim America
and I pledge to live like a citizen

(Language originally developed by Sworn Again America)