The Right of Equal Representation and The Right of Reproduction

The Right of Equal Representation and The Right of Reproduction

July 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

This link provides a lightly opinionated synopsis on the current situation of recent events within our country. 

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Currently working on an FAQ to describe each point in greater detail.

This petition outlines the common ground centrist compromise that is needed to replace the law that the overturning of Roe vs. Wade removed. Our corrupt congresspeople are putting on a show while there is a gap in our laws. Please take the time to read and consider this petition. It provides a real solution to the abortion argument for both sides. The main effect of this petition will be a functioning federal government, and a major reduction in excess abortions in future generations through funding education. This includes a major boost to the quality of our education system across the country by creating competition between schools through a School Voucher system. This can all be done in one generation without reducing access to life saving medical procedures.

I am proposing two amendments to the Bill of Rights:

  • The Right of Equal Representation
  • The Right of Reproduction

        Equal Representation Rights:

  1. State Senators MUST consist of one male and one female representative. This is non-negotiable.
  2. Term limits of no more than 1 of 3 consecutive terms, on ALL Congresspeople. House leaders will be limited to 1 term of no more than 16 years. This will prevent corruption. This will allow women and minorities to be cycled into Congress easier. This is non-negotiable.
  3. All Congresspeople and those holding any elected or non-elected office within our federal government, will be limited to a maximum total net worth gained of $400,000 per year. This will prevent corruption. Under no circumstance is this to be increased by anything other than the current inflation rate, strictly when under 2% for 4 consecutive years. Congresspersons may be paid no salaries and shall pass no laws without meaningful debates crossing party lines. Congresspersons must provide factual, verifiable, evidence based reasoning in all debates. This will remove corruption. This is non-negotiable.
  4. Voter vouchers. Each person's vote is attached to a fixed dollar amount. Campaigns are only to be funded by voter vouchers. This creates voter equality between the impoverished and billionaires. A method for this must be explored and implemented by congress.
  5. No family member of any person holding public office in our federal government may hold another office foreign or domestic. (This includes corporate offices) This will remove corruption. This is non-negotiable.
  6. No family member or person with any degree of acquaintance to any person holding public office in our federal government, may receive anything of any value from any entity at any time in their life after election to office. (This does not include earned personal incomes) This will remove corruption. This is non-negotiable.
  • Except for the explicit benefit of the Citizens of the United States of America. All 6 Equal Representation Right provisions are to be immutable.

Reproduction Rights:

  1. A federal state by state reproduction tax. This rate is set incrementally higher for states with longer Elective Abortion Windows (per week) and higher rates of abortion. This rate is also set higher for states with higher adoption rates to support their adoption centers. Also, to share in the common goal of reducing the need for abortions across the country in future generations. If there are excess reproduction taxes, they are to be used in reproductive disease research. This will be logically set in Congress and must be supported with federal taxes to begin with.
  2. A reasonable expectation of the father’s involvement in the decision to abort, especially after 12 weeks. Accessible legal/fiscal (see abortion rights) options for women to abort without the father’s input at all times. If the father is absent or has a history of any abuse/current abuse, he forfeits involvement. Ensure that states are forced to provide all women quality access to these legal services. Men can’t be taxed without this provision.
  3. A national council of female doctors and medical experts to set every special circumstance which abortions are necessary. This will clarify when abortions must be allowed after the Elective Abortion Window. After this, the council will meet with an equally qualified council of men. They will discuss fathers rights on parental rights and abortion involvement (this will be limited); and decide strict accountability measures for willingly absent fathers, especially in cases due to abuse (separation due to abuse is considered willingly absent). After this, the councils would be dissolved. These discussions will be public at all times.
  4. A guarantee of absolute right to immediate pregnancy prevention in cases of rape at all ages. It will be the duty of the Supreme Court to hold the states legally responsible for ensuring immediate access to prevention methods. A police report MUST be filed in all cases of rape requiring abortion. The rapist will be forced to pay 5% of the net value of all income in dues to fund sexual assault education and awareness for LIFE. This will double per occurrence. Death sentence on the fourth occurrence. This is in addition to criminal penalties.
  5. Congress and states shall pass no law impeding the privacy of personal consenting intimacy between adults.
  6. Reproduction Rights education demands and abortion alternative research/education using federal reproduction taxes. Bolstered by general federal taxes. (See final paragraph)
  7. A school voucher system. A child’s voucher is their share of state and federal funding. A school's funding is to consist of only the value of all vouchers given to the school by each student attending. Parents can choose to send their child to any school with their voucher. This creates competition between schools to provide the best education. This is non-negotiable.
  8. Mandatory access to affordable conception prevention methods in every state.
  9. Reproduction Rights give the absolute right to abortion before 12 weeks if any of these demands are proven not to be met.
  10. The right to abortion is not its own right. It is contained within the Right of Reproduction.

Abortion Rights:

  1. There can only be an absolute right to an abortion when reproduction rights are not met in a given state. This provision is immutable.
  2. Elective Abortion Window: A minimum 12-week cutoff on unnecessary abortions in EVERY state. States vote on their individual limit over 12 weeks. States must allow abortion where Reproduction Rights are not met. Special educational abortion counseling must be offered and encouraged before an abortion. This provision is immutable unless the following provision is used.
  3. State Senators, in states where reproduction rights are being met to a meaningful degree, are to be allowed to choose to reduce this window by 1 week every year. In time this can be reduced to 0 weeks. This requires the approval of both Senators from 8 other states. The same states Senators can only approve of this reduction 2 times. Two pairs of these senators must produce factual, verifiable, evidence based reasoning to deny this reduction. Reproduction Rights give the absolute right to abortion before 12 weeks if any of the Reproduction Right demands are proven not to be met. This is to provide protections for women in states that would otherwise have 0 weeks right now. This provision is immutable.
  4. A minimum $2000 “out of pocket” fee for abortions, to put towards reproduction rights education and adoption centers. These fees are to be split between the mother and father. This fee can be fully or partially waived in specific circumstances. Fully waived in times of medical necessity. Mother can choose to pay double the fathers share to exclude fathers input in this decision. States MUST provide interest free financing options for people who can not afford to pay. If this fee is less than 1% of the gross value of the mother and fathers personal income, this fee is to be increased exponentially. This is on top of insurance. This provision is immutable (except minimum).

Reproduction Rights demand funding to the following using reproduction taxes and fees:

  1. Massively expanded funding to all schools for, Mental health and wellness awareness, Reproduction rights education, pregnancy/abortion education, promote monogamy, promote pregnancy prevention,  promote alternatives to abortion, promote adoption over abortion, education on domestic abuse and sexual assault mandatory. Education and awareness on different forms of rape. Massively expanded funding for motherhood/life education in public schools.
  2. Massively expanded funding to support options for women who want to keep their baby, especially for single mothers. This must support situations with single fathers also. This includes classes regarding abortion for women who feel they don’t fully understand abortions.
  3. Massively expanded funding to explore options to help women avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  4. Massively expanded funding to adoption centers, orphans, and adoptive parents.

States where reproduction taxes and fees do not cover these expenses are to be funded by general federal taxes. This includes states that have reduced their reproduction tax by reducing their Elective Abortion Window and their rates of abortion. People with opposing views on abortions must understand that abortions are not good, but they are currently necessary. Abortions may be outlawed only when the proper provisions, specified above, have been met. We must represent ourselves as our representatives have failed us. We must encode this in our law through the proper methods. Women will in fact die with the sudden removal of access to abortions. We must force congress to act now. Stop allowing your outdated political party ideas to hinder your progress. Stop allowing each party's extremists to control our government.

The Equal Representation right entails what needs to happen for each of our votes to truly be equal to one another. This is to address the blatant and consistent over reach and failures of our congress in their representation of us. The right to equal representation and reproduction need to move as a package deal. We the people must reclaim the power of our government. The corruption we've allowed is unacceptable.

The current political system is letting the American population down. Neither side is willing to look at what is best for the people. They only care to impose their own desires on the country as a whole. I've been researching polling data and talking with many women to create this article and petition. This was made with the input from 34 people. Their political views spanned between both ends of moderates. Across the country, moderates make up between 60-70% of the population. All of them are carrying rather similar opinions on the subject of abortions. Reproduction Rights as outlined by this petition are not my words. I've only mediated and found common grounds on every subject that concerns each side. This is a realistic and common sense approach to creating a better world for men, women and our children. 


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Signatures: 101Next Goal: 200
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