Georgia Marijuana Reform Act of 2020

I suffer from a personality disorder and PTSD. Since 12 years old, doctors have tried every synthetic drug out there to help me. At the very least they made me uncomfortable and at the most they gave me full blown psychosis. The only thing that has every helped me is marijuana. But I cannot get it here in Georgia. So until something is done, I guess I get to suffer through the day with anxiety, extreme emotional imbalance, and hallucinations. Then through the night, suffering from night terrors. Do you sleep at night Governor Kemp? So many of us do not have that luxury. Evey day, every moment is a struggle for some of us. A struggle I guess you do not understand. I am a biology student, and everytime I come out of class I cry my entire way home because of the anxiety. I am trying so hard to fit in, but I am broken. I have no friends. I am alone. I just want a little peace. Give us our medicine!

Jessica Chipman, Blairsville, GA, United States
2 months ago
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