Add "Santa Hat" to Red Dead Online

Add "Santa Hat" to Red Dead Online

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Started by Santa Claus

Christmas is a very special time for many players in a variety of video games. Said variety of video games have special cosmetics during the holiday season. One of the most iconic cosmetics most video games have is the "Santa Hat"

Fallout 76, Poptropica, the Saints Row Series, DC Universe Online, the Tekken Games, the WWE games; Almost any game where you can customize your character, the iconic "Santa Hat" is available to be worn. Even Rockstar's own Grand Theif Auto Online has multiple different "Santa Hats" during their December holiday event.

In December 2020, Outlaw pass 4 introduced the "Washwood Fur Coat", which resembles a "Santa Coat". Rockstar should implement the "Santa Hat" model from Grand Theif Auto Online into Red Dead Online as a seasonal limited-time item at Madam Nazar or as part of another Outlaw Pass in December

Why not retexture the "Santa Hat" from Grand Thief Auto Online with the same Dark Red and offwhite color as the "Washwood Fur Coat", then call it the "Washwood Fur Hat"

Physics isn't a problem since the sleeping cap that comes with the nightgown is already in the game and is the same shape as the "Santa Hat"

Let's make this year's December in Red Dead Online, special for the players! Add the iconic "Santa Hat" to Red Dead Online!

525 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!