Add Recovery Workers to Blue Light Card Scheme

Add Recovery Workers to Blue Light Card Scheme

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Started by Bethany Lappage

In the words of Blue Light Charity : ‘There’s a group of people who are always there for us: the blue light community. They work tirelessly to keep us safe, healthy and supported; often going into unknown dangers to do so. They make sacrifices every day, and we want to thank them for it.’

I would like to take the time to mention recovery workers who to are always keeping us safe, who make sacrifices every day. They put themselves in extreme dangers by doing so and some also do not come home to their families. 

I’ve witnessed the hard work and dedication that goes into recovery, whether it be LGV, HGV or Agriculture. I’ve watched my partner run a 24/7 breakdown recovery service for HGV and Agriculture for 4 years now and it’s a very tough world. From getting home at 10:00pm to then leaving again at midnight and not coming home until the following evening, as a partner your mind is never rested until they walk through the door. 

These are the people who deserve some recognition. They’re running 24/7 operations to save us on our roads. Putting their own lives at risks on a daily basis to get us safely from A to B. Their work isn’t recognised or shown enough gratitude and it’s time to change this. They are relied upon as much as the National Services. If Highways Patrols can be included in this scheme, who aren’t always first on the scene of an accident, then why can’t our ‘orange light’ boys and girls be included in this same scheme. 

I feel now is the time to say thanks to all recovery workers for all their hard work. They get out of bed at all hours of the day and night, many leaving loved ones and not knowing if they’ll even return home.

There have been many fatalities on our UK roads where recovery drivers have risked their lives and put the safety of others before themselves and haven’t come home to their families. 
They put themselves at risk daily, in live lanes or under trucks, trailers, cars, battle extreme weather conditions on minimum sleep but they do it because they love their jobs and the publics safety is their priority. 

Throughout lockdown when HGV transportation operated at the highest of demands, getting food into supermarkets and medical supplies to our hospitals. It was these guys keeping them on the roads, keeping their wheels turning so we could have the essentials we needed, so please sign this alongside me to say thanks.

Their beacons may be not be ‘blue’ but lets get them on the list of Blue Light Cards Scheme because without them who else can you call upon at 3:00am to get you home safely!

I hope we can all pull together to show our appreciation to all our recovery workers. 

17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!