Add ProRes Raw editing capability to Davinci Resolve

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Colorists, filmmakers and video enthusiasts, the majority of whom are using Blackmagic Davinci Resolve as their color grading NLE are unable to edit video material shot in the highly popular Apple ProRes Raw codec.

Ever since Apple released their widely compatible ProRes Raw format, the world's leading professional and semi-professional photo and video camera manufacturers, as well as video recorder manufacturers have added support for this format in the latest generation of their products.

This has given filmmakers, producers, cinematographers and keen enthusiasts a new option to record their footage in the highest possible quality available on these devices.

Color grading is a vital intermediary process in the professional filmmaking workflow. Color is so important because, like lighting, it affects a mood and feel of a piece, and therefore how we interpret the final image. Colorists for the motion picture industry have been around since the early days of film production. Now, we have the advent of the ‘DI’ or Digital Intermediate who has the power of Photoshop-like digital manipulation but within the realm of motion pictures.

Blackmagic Design's Davinci Resolve has become the favorite color grading software of not only professional colorists in the motion picture industry, but also the majority of independent and amateur film and video enthusiasts in the world. Cementing its' place as the leading color grading tool in the industry, Blackmagic has inherited the responsibility to collaborate with the filmmaking community and to work with its' clients to offer them compatibility with the industry's leading hardware and video recording formats.

Unfortunately, Blackmagic Design has decided not to offer support for the widely compatible ProRes Raw codec in the latest release of their Davinci Resolve NLE software, giving their loyal user base no ability to use their favorite tool in their color grading workflow

We are trying to reach the attention of Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd. and any unions whom may join their communities in solidarity to help them continue to work using their favorite software.

Please help us show Blackmagic Design that we want to be able to use our favorite video codec with their software as part of a practical video and film production workflow.