Add NVLD to the DSM

Add NVLD to the DSM

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Why this petition matters

Started by Matthew Kaplan

NVLD is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition impacting up to 3 million Americans.

Nonverbal Learning Disability describes a well-defined profile that includes strengths in verbal abilities contrasted with deficits in visual-spatial abilities. Individuals with NVLD often have trouble with some of the following:

*Trouble recognizing nonverbal cues  

*Poor coordination

*Visual-spatial difficulties (visualization of images, determining one’s location of body in space)

*Extremely literal, struggles with sarcasm, innuendo, or other linguistic nuances

* Naive or overly-trusting

*Difficulty coping with change

*Trouble following multi-step directions

*Difficulty making generalizations or seeing the “big picture”

*Overall challenges often masked by highly advanced verbal skills

Often those with NVLD are marginalized and isolated; consequently, they can experience social barriers throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, NVLD is not currently recognized under the DSM. Because of this, many people with NVLD are left undiagnosed. Furthermore treatment options for those who are, are limited.

NVLD should be included in the DSM. Doings so would ensure better diagnosis and treatment options. This would help improve the quality of life for those who have NVLD.




219 have signed. Let’s get to 500!