Add "Newsletter Creation" as a part of Bhavana's OKRs

Add "Newsletter Creation" as a part of Bhavana's OKRs

13 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Krishchina Basu

After receiving tremendous response (and a huge increase in the readership), I am thrilled to share the outcome of CSD newsletters (The Communique) -

  • As compared to the last six months, the readership has TRIPLED with the latest count being 148 within the first two days of publishing it and several hands downloading it as well.
  • We are also glad to have received innumerable responses from teams all across the office wanting to be a part of the Newsletter and sharing their thoughts on what they like the most about it - CSD Data stealing the show.

This is why, I, Krishchina Basu am requesting an appeal to all of you a to sign this petition and join me in giving justice to Bhavana's OKRs. Here are a few pointers to justify this further: 

  1. Time period – Bhavana Rathi is known to head the ORM process but she has also been actively making CSD Newsletters every month for over 2 years now. That is by the way a pretty looong time in professional years. 
  2.  Creativity – Bhavana Rathi uses almost all her ‘Bhavanaos’ (feelings in hindi) to actively brainstorm new and innovative a content ideas so that we all can sit and enjoy our monthly dose of some infotainment.
  3.  Efforts – Making a newsletter requires a lot of effort and sometimes it takes as long as 3-4 days. This is also why she eats a lot healthy sabjis (but hates paneer).
  4. Fun engagement – There has been many a times when quizzes, games or memes were made in order to intrigue the readers to read the newsletter. I KNOW YOU LOVED THEM, SO JUST SKIP THIS PART AND SIGN THE PETITION  ALREADY. 
  5.  TIIIIIIMMMMEEEEEEEEEE – Go back to Point No 2. ‘ Bhavanao’  ko samjho yaar!
  6.  Consistency –  Remember when Jai said Aditi, “ Ki Aditi wo jo bicharte hai ek na ekdin fir miljate hai”? So the newsletter saga has travelled away from her to BINDU AND RAMYA , only to come back to her again and again.
  7.  Guiding newbies like ME  to be creative? I mean Thanks Boss!
  8.  Bringing a sense of harmony and teamwork – Thanks CSD and all the fellow readers for being the coolest supporters. I know you love her as much as you love our newsletter.

In case you are still pondering on what this is about, let me throw some light on the innovations that we brought-

  •  QR Code campaign hacks (To increase Readership)
  •  Payment Gateway creation  (Raised funds from internal employees)
  •  Engagement Activities – Quiz and Interactive games with Rewards]

The newsletter has also played a major role in helping the CSD team maintain their transparency by sharing numbers around the core KPIs of all LOBs of CSD including CCC, CS, SUPPLY, REDEEM, HH, ORM, etc . This in turn has helped us build personal relationships with other teams and put forward our efforts and achievements.

Therefore, I would like you all to have a moment and kindly sign this petition and be a part of something awesome.




Thanks for your time,

This is Krishchina Basu

Your Community Manager from CSD




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Signatures: 28Next Goal: 50
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