Add Jon Arbuckle to Crossover Arena

Add Jon Arbuckle to Crossover Arena

August 3, 2022
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Started by general weewee

I think Jon Arbuckle would be a super cool character in Crossover Arena
here is the concept I made for him

� Character Concepts
Jon Arbuckle - Garfield
HP/SPD - [70/18]
Role - Utility
Desc - A setplay character deploying his pets to attack his opponents.
ATK - 2/3
SPD - 2/3
DEF - 1/3
UTL - 3/3
1 - Smooth Moves - Jon cuts up the floor with his sweet dance moves, hitting his opponents in the process for 5 damage. (just a 4 hit jab styled as dance moves)

2 - Oh Garfield! - When used for the first time, this spawns Garfield. Garfield will attack anyone in a 8 stud range from him for 6 damage at a medium attack rate. On every subsequent use, place down a lasagna. Garfield runs at supersonic speeds toward it, damaging everyone he dashes through for 10 damage. When John dies, Garfield despawns. [3 CD / Cool Down]

3 - Dinner Time! - Jon throws out a lasagna. if Garfield is alive, he will dash to it. otherwise, it can be picked up and used to heal for 8 health. [5 CD]

4 - Pets - Summon one of Jon’s other pets in order, going from Odie to Arlene to Nermal. Each one lasts for 7 seconds. Odie runs toward the nearest enemy within a 35 stud range. If he is within 10 studs of someone, he licks them for 5 damage at a low attack rate. Arlene will throw a ball at an opponent for 8 damage with a 20 stud range. It will bounce back to her, and then she will throw it again. Arlene can only get about 3 hits in per lifespan. Nermal will throw a ball of yarn at an opponent at 40 stud range, then charge toward them dealing 4 damage and hitting the ball of yarn to another opponent, repeating the process. Nermal can get about 5 or 6 charges per lifespan. [8 CD]

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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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