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Add DigiByte (DGB) Coin on Coinbase Exchange

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DigiByte is the fastest cryptocurrency in the world featuring 15 second time blocks and a current limit of 560 transactions per second, which already solves the upcoming scalability issues. In comparison with Bitcoin, a DigiByte transaction takes under a minute to be confirmed and has extremely low fees of under a cent, making the coin convenient for any person, from those willing to begin using cryptocurrencies to the ones who cannot afford the expensive fees and the long confirmation time of Bitcoin. In other words, DigiByte is the better choice for the cryptocurrency users, or "The Faster Bitcoin" as TechCrunch named it.

With a continuously growing community, in the last few weeks DigiByte has both passed the All-Time High price and the daily volume is now ranging between 100.000.000$ and 300.000.000$ after entering the Korean, Indian and now the Chinese markets. After being praised by Brian Kelly on Fastmoney, a CNBC show, and by John McAfee in an interview and on Twitter, the attention of cryptocurrency investors was drawn to DigiByte, boosting its growth and awaking 'The Sleeping Giant'.

After four years of development, the real potential of DigiByte is starting to become more and more evident every day. The first USDT pair has been recently launched by HitBTC, and DigiByte has won an award for DiguSign, a technology created by the development team that digitally signs important documents on the coin's blockchain. Clifford Chance, a global law company, has announced a partnership with the DiguSign technology in October 2017.

In less than one year, the number of Core Wallet downloads has increased by over twelve times to over 120.000 downloads. This, next to the mining power that is separated into five mining algorithms, makes DigiByte one of the most decentralized cryptocurrencies in the world. The number of followers on Twitter is rapidly moving closer and closer to 100.000 and our Telegram community is now close to 10.000 members, making our coin's community one of the largest on both Twitter and Telegram. This shows, once again, how DigiByte was a 'Sleeping Giant' waiting to be awakened. Ledger has recently started supporting DGB for their hardware, and more and more companies are starting to accept the coin through CoinPayments and ShapeShift.

The development team has introduced a special code which doubles the block size every two years in order for DigiByte to handle the scalability issues. In 2035, the limit of transactions per second will be up to 280.000. 25 cryptocurrencies, including DogeCoin, ZCash and Bitcoin Gold are using DigiShield, a protection against multi-pools and an over-inflation of easily mined new coins, in order to protect themselves. This means real time difficulty adjustment, compared to Bitcoin's two-week delay.

Therefore, we, the DigiByte community, would like to kindly ask you to list DigiByte on your exchange.


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