Add Clear Lane Signage for Stanwick A45 Roundabout

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The roundabout for Stanwick on the A45 as exiting Stanwick has no lane signage to indicate correct lane discipline.

On multiple occasions I have tried to go over the roundabout to Stanwick Lakes (the 2nd roundabout exit) in the left lane however many drivers believe that since the A45 is a dual carriage way that they can queue in the right lane to turn left onto the outer A45 lane. 

The highways code states clearly that in the absence of any indication otherwise that the left lane should be used to turn left onto the 1st or 2nd exit (Stanwick Lakes).

On several occasions, including very recently I have had serious near-miss accidents with a baby and child onboard when attempting to drive over to Stanwick Lakes and be cut up by people turning left in the right hand lane.

What would happen if a pushbike were in the left lane to go across to Stanwick Lakes and this behaviour happened?

This petition is to request that proper signage is created to make it clear to drivers what the lane discipline is and should be either:

1. Left lane for first 2 exits.  Right lane to turn right only

2. Left lane for first exit only and Right for any of the exits (as many people use it for today)

Adding such signage will ensure that there is a clear and common understanding of how to drive at this roundabout and help ensure that a serious accident does not occur to a vehicular (likely to be carrying children) driving across to the Lakes 

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