Add "breastless" to your dictionary!

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The mission of this petition is remove the red line under the word "breastless" - as it appears on Google and Apple devices and browsers. (Readers: if you notice any others, please message me or comment below).

Breastlessadjective | breast·less | \-lə̇s \ : being without a breast.

There are thousands upon thousands of women worldwide who chose to not reconstruct their breasts after breast cancer/mastectomies. The trending term is "going flat" and means that the woman has opted to have no breast on one side or both sides (usually as part of breast cancer treatment) or as a proactive, preventative measure. 

Although "breastless" is a recognized word by Merriam-Webster, if you type in the word in Google Chrome or on your Apple device, it becomes underlined in red... as if it's not even a word.  

On behalf of all of the strong, beautiful, flat women out there who use this term on a daily basis, I am creating this petition for Google to add "breastless" to their global dictionary/database so that we don't have to all correct it individually! That's a tedious task. Seeing this word underlined as unrecognizable is demeaning to women like us, of which there are many and unfortunately, many more to come.

Furthermore, "going flat" needs to be assigned a medical term (breastless). Who's with me?! #RecognizeBreastless & add it to your default/master/global dictionary.

Emily Hopper
- Breastless Cancer Warrior & Advocate - 

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