Add amendment to constitution allowing citizens the right to vote to recall a president

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If citizens were protected under the words, "A government for the people, by the people" we would have the right to vote to force a recall election for the president of United States.  It is completely unconstitutional that as citizens, we have no control over an administration that has time and time again demonstrated that it is a platform for fascist, racist, pro sexual and domestic abuse, and straight out lies and misinformation stemming from complete ignorance and insecurity.  This administration has shown that the interest of the American values that were once important, such as integrity, compassion, honesty, and strength are completely at odds with the agenda of this weak, feeble minded, and hateful man that claims to be a leader.  President COVFEFE is not a leader of anything. 

We need action against our congress. They do not care about children being killed; they have failed to pass gun control measures but they feel the need to control almost every other aspect of our lives. I have updated this petition to include a measure to call a popular vote initiated by the people to also recall a congressional member. Remember, an impeachment does not remove the problem, which is a failed administration. It only removes the mask, which is a rotting, festering wound that does need removal, but we the people need to take control of our country. Stand up to say we need an amendment that allows the replacement of a whole administration- initiating an early presidential election instead of peeling of the scab of a festered sore. We need a cure for this abuse of power. Vote to replace our congressional members who refuse to stand up and protect us, and vote to remove and replace an administration filled with criminals.

When a President is impeached, the administration that he or she represents is still in power.  In fact, the Vice President takes over.  This is an inadequate pseudo-solution to a real problem.  If a recall of a President is allowed to happen, that means that we, the people of the United States would decide based on a popular vote if we want to have a new election.  A new election would enable us to put in office the person the citizens really want, not a charade where the loser of the popular vote wins based on a faulty and fraudulent electoral system.  We need this safeguard against the kind of election and president we currently have been subjected to.  A recall election would actually drain the swamp, and this bloated windbag who is our fake president would be flushed down the drain for good, along with his corrupt administration that has grown like mildew around him.


Please tell congress to enact a bill allowing our constitutional right to have a government the people want.  Tell our leaders who still have a sliver of integrity to introduce a bill allowing a popular vote by the American citizens, of which this country belongs, to force a recall presidential election.  President Covfefe thinks he can abuse us all because we have no power to stop him, and we don't.  Not yet....  PLEASE SUPPORT AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION THAT ALLOWS A POPULAR VOTE TO FORCE A RECALL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  TAKE THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!



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