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Add amendment to constitution allowing citizens the right to vote to recall a president

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Please tell congress to enact a bill allowing our constitutional right to have a government the people want.  Tell our leaders who still have a sliver of integrity to introduce a bill allowing a popular vote by the American citizens, of which this country belongs, to force a recall presidential election.  If a recall election were to happen, it would be decided by essentially causing an entirely new election earlier than the typical four years.  We, as citizens, need this protection and guaranty that who we have in office represents us.  An impeachment is a farce, protecting the administration behind the mask.  If a president is impeached, the Vice President takes over.  This is not an adequate solution sometimes, such as this precedent of a corrupt and unstable administration.  We need new representation, we need the power guaranteed by our constitution:  "A GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!"  We need the power to use a popular vote to oust an administration that has failed the people, the country, and the world.  

President Covfefe thinks he can abuse us all because we have no power to stop him, and we don't.  Not yet....  PLEASE SUPPORT AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION THAT ALLOWS A POPULAR VOTE TO FORCE A RECALL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  TAKE THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

If citizens were protected under the words, "A government for the people, by the people" we would have the right to vote to force a recall election for the president of United States.  It is completely unconstitutional that as citizens, we have no control over an administration that has time and time again demonstrated that it is a platform for fascist, racist, pro sexual and domestic abuse, and straight out lies and misinformation stemming from complete ignorance and insecurity.  This administration has shown that the interest of the American values that were once important, such as integrity, compassion, honesty, and strength are no longer valued and are completely at odds with the agenda of this weak, feeble minded, and hateful man that claims to be a leader.  President COVFEFE is not a leader of anything. 





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